STRAFORD OFFSHORE SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED is committed to providing services that meet the expectations of our clients. To achieve this objective, STRAFORD OFFSHORE SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED always implements management systems which embrace all aspects of Safety, Environment and Quality Management System (SEQMS).
We recognize that there are many similarities in safety, environment and quality management system, so the disciplines are combined to reinforce the objective of ensuring that all work undertaken is planned and performed in such a manner that facilities are safe, reliable and free from errors, deficiencies and accidents.

At STRAFORD we apply Engineering, Procurement and Construction management system to all work undertaken to ensure compliance with regulatory requirement, company policies and public concern. One of the most important elements of this management system is the project implementation plan, which sets our measures to ensure that Environmental concerns are addressed in all the project phase. It also identifies the Environmental and engineering policy, applicable legislation and operating standards, environmental effects and concerns as well as system of audits and reviews, which ensure that all aspects of work are adequately addressed.

We have established proven quality management system, which are structured to meet the requirement of International Standard ISO 9001 : 1994 as well as most other recognized Nigerian and world-wide standard.


STRAFORD OFFSHORE SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED has a highly sophisticated information management system, which addresses three key areas of business performance:

  • More efficient delivery through greater accuracy and accessibility of project management and engineering information system.
  • Enhanced management decision making through improved access to business knowledge covering business performance, emerging opportunities, technical innovation and best practices.
  • Extension into through life technical support and information management leading to increase customer loyalty.
At the heart of this information management strategy is the Service Database program which means that all of the core information for a particular can be viewed and accessed by all project staff throughout the life of the project. Quality control of this core information is ensured through periodic quality checks on the information in the Project Database to ensure consistency of data within project applications. The data within the store is structured as required by the operations by separating activities; facilities and materials which enable operations led control of the facility.

As part of our management strategy we are committed to a high level of IT competence through the provision of training in IT understanding and application skills at all levels via an in-house Information Technology Competence Program (ITCP). Effective program of the company’s

A high level offshore and onshore service provider with corporate experience.

STRAFORD has executed turnkey projects relating to various corrosion management in relation to fabrication and installation of platforms works, construction of flow lines & pipelines and maintenance of oil/gas facilities, Subsea / underwater installations and maintenance.

We are Straford Offshore Support Services Limited

Straford provides a full range of cathodic protection services, both onshore and offshore, which include monitoring, system design, evaluation, material, supply, and installation. These services are offered worldwide.

We take pride being “one-stop” solution provider for our clients. Many times, we achieve this by teaming with other parties that provide complementary skills or resources.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

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